Very opposite instead of similar. Within and without unto below. Together with before barring among by means of after. Concerning in place of up like down aside from against atop. Rather than until now, unless whenever. So that if only since. While when until once after before in order that whether. Because as long as whenever, when. As soon as now that while though if provided that, unless even though until.


Do you have the symptom?

When you suffer with any of the

Ordinary every-day

Pain producers,

Doctor yourself

With painkiller.


foggy, blind, visual impairment, disambiguation, glasses, cataracts, vision, perception, darkness, dark, sight, lack of, eyeless, isolation, daze, mist, trance, vagueness, unseeing, bat, drifting, thoughtless, dream, sound, specter, illusion, screen, film, layer, shade, muddy, Visionless Sight –